Friday, July 13, 2012

Just being quiet - an unexpected meeting

Life sometimes gets so busy.  Life happens.  The days just whirl by.  I don't know about you, but my days have been a blur lately.  There was one day, recently, where I actually had no where to be!  I could not believe it.  I kept checking my calendar just to be sure.

It was a wonderful day!

I kept hearing a voice staying, "Be still..and know...that I am God."

So, I went out on my front porch and just sat.  Usually, I sit in the backyard overlooking the lagoon.  For some reason, today was different.  I opted for the front porch.  It was wonderful.  There was a slight breeze, and the Spanish Moss was just gently swaying in the trees.  I could smell a mix of cedar and gardenia as the breeze carried it by.

I felt like I was being watched.  So, I sat still a little bit more.

About five feet away, a visitor sat on a limb, camouflaged in the Spanish Moss.  He sat and watched me for quite some time.  I was amazed at how intrigued we both were with each other.  He patiently waited while I went in the house to retrieve my camera.  I think he was a Cooper's Hawk.  Quite handsome and quite large with brilliant colouring.  What a photo I took!  I thanked him for his kindness, and sat a while longer.

"Be still...and know...that I am God" popped in my head again.

Then, he was gone.

I am so thankful I did not miss out on the special meeting.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Rose Hill Cottage Birdfeeder

I love my bird feeders.  I love my feathered friends who come to visit me each day.  Each one has its own personality and traits.  Much like people, I suppose.   I tend to name my feathered visitors as they come and visit.  Some blast through, eat and run.  Others take their sweet time and mingle.  Some are more sociable than others and as always, you need to be wary of the "quiet" ones.  I enjoy sitting in my chair and taking photos of my friends while they stop by.  Flick, the Hummingbird, is the hardest to capture on film.  He and his wife, Jewelia, tend to come by when you least expect it.  They stay for the summer and then, they leave for a winter in Mexico.

 Jethro, my Wood Stork, likes to come by twice a day.

 He is quiet and is most happy when fishing. Jethro is very, very patient and very set in his ways.  He enters the lagoon the same way each day....nothing wavering.  He looks like an old war veteran who has alot of stories to tell.

  General, my cardinal, and his wife, Leah, visit most frequently.  They are my old, married couple.  Leah tends to follow General around and appears to be the very devoted wife.  General finds his seed and always takes the time to feed Leah and make sure she is taken care of.

  On to Sunshine, my bluebird. Sunshine is somewhat timid and unaware of his beauty.  He never stays long enough for me to take his picture...he eats and leaves. But, he is always bubbly and even if he is having a bad day, I would never know it.  

And then, there is Gary the Cooper's Hawk.  Gary comes through and when he is near, all else ceases.  He is quite the handsome fellow and tends to spend his time watching and observing the rest of us.  Gary is very gracious and bares with my folly of picture taking...he will actually wait for me to take his picture.

I learn quite a bit from my feathered friends.  The devotion that General and Leah have to eachother.  Jethro who never gives up.  Flick and his wife who are diligent and quite adventurous.  Sunshine the encourager.  And Gary, the handsome observer.

And all this goes on at the same feeder!  They all have their place and they are happy in that place.  There is no rebellion, no discontentedness, and meanness.  Flick doesn't whine about how far he has to travel each year, and Jethro isnt seeking out a plastic surgeon because he is.....well, he is......not very cute.  Leah doesn't cry that she is somewhat nondescript and Gary doesn't flaunt his stuff.  They do what God purposed in their hearts to do.  I do believe they are in perfect harmony with God the Creator.  No wonder I prefer the solitude in my little haven of rest.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

NOTEBOOKING Pages Information

Hello to all my Homeschooling Friends!

As we are planning our lessons and curriculum for the upcoming school year, I thought I would offer this to you!  Check it out and let me know what you think......enjoy! am could use notebooking for your Bible Study, Prayer Life....lots of other ideas besides homeschooling......

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greening of the Fountain in Savannah!

Well, you know Spring had SPRUNG in Savannah, not the flowers.....the "Greening of the Fountain" in Forsythe Park!  Yes, Savannah, GA is home to the second largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the entire United States (second only to New York City of course).  And, they start out the festivities by turning the beautiful waters of the fountain in historic Forsythe Park a lovely shade of shamrock green.

The local whose who all take turns pouring the "magic" green liquid into the fountain and then.....voila!  The fountain shoots green water for at least the next week.  Following are some pictures I was able to take during the festivities.  I enjoyed seeing all the doggies dressed for the occasion.  Too cute!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Scratch or Not?

This photo is so fitting!

I LOOOOOOOVE to bake.  Well, sorta.  I love to cheat bake.

I remember having this conversation with my grandma, many years ago.  I was joking with her as she was making one of her famous lemon meringue pies.  She would make her own pie crust, complete with lard and ice cubes.  No measurements.....everything was hand measured.  I learned to measure the amount of ingredients I needed by using the palm of my hand as she poured in the proper amount. It was all by feel and sight.  She would make her own filling.  She would top it with mounds of meringue.  And, it tasted heavenly.

At the time, the doughboy had introduced his rolled up, ready to bake, pie crusts.  I remember asking Grandma, "why don't you use that?"

"Never!" she replied.

"But Grandma, really?  The crust is that important?"

"You can cheat at some things, but baking is not one of them."

And, her pies were so heavenly, I believe her.  But, life has happened.  With all my time saving devices,  I just do not have all day to bake a pie.

So, what is the deciding factor if something is from scratch or not?

What if you use the little doughboy's "aid" and fill it with scratch filling?  Or, what if you use store bought flour?  Or is the store bought flour cheating, and you really should harvest your own wheat?  Should I be growing my own lemons?  Raising my own chickens for the eggs?

What if you use a cake mix, and add to it?  What if you bake a "not from the box" cake, and cheat with the frosting?

I'm confused.  The doughboy is so cute.......would he lie to me?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello friends!

I am so sorry I have been away for a bit.  The flu thingy went through our entire family; and, of course, I got the worst of it.  After much medication, I seem to be moving on and feeling like myself again.  The sinus and ear infections have gone and the vertigo has let up.  As for updates, everything is moving along.  I signed on to be a consultant for Thirty One Gifts and am thrilled about it.  I decided that if I wanted to meet new ladies (since I've only been here one year), I need to venture out and find them.  So, ThirtyOne has given me that opportunity to get out there.  I am so excited about it!

Spring has sprung in the lowcountry.  My azaleas are blooming and my car is covered with yellow/green pollen.  Two little bluebirds are making a nest in my tree as we speak. And, of course, the alligators are up.  So, since the animals are sending all the signals that spring is here, I ventured to Lowe's and bought some pretty flowers.  One of which is Jasmine!  It smells divine.

The photo is of my daughter wearing her "tacky hat."  Every year, on Hilton Head Island, the Tacky Marsh Races are held on Hilton Head beach.  It is a hundred plus year old tradition of racing the Marsh Tacky Horses along the beach at the first of spring.  All southern ladies wear their Tacky Hats to the race; and my daughter made this hat last year at Honey Horn.

And, with spring in the lowcountry, comes tornadoes.  We are under a watch as I write this.  Hopefully, I wont get up close and personal and the thing will just stay up in the sky where it belongs.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Shabby French Desk Redo

I had the lovely library table that I knew had such potential.

But, I wanted to make it look more shabby and hide the wires that come along with all electronic devices.  Not to mention, do something with that cat!

And, I wanted to be frugal about it.  

So, I thought, and thought.  

First, I sponged areas of the desk with black, creme, and grey paints.  I did a freehand diamond pattern to give the carved work some added dimension.

Then, a miracle happened!

One day, while thrifting, I found this bedskirt....

 and knew I could use it to make a skirt for me desk and chair.  So, I (who does not now how to sew)...fired up the sewing machine.  It took me three hours to learn how to thread it.  But, I did!

After I hemmed the fabric, I used clips to clip it up to thumbtacks I placed at strategic locations.  

I then found a chairpad in a shabby red rose print.  I added the leftover bedskirt fabric to it to make a shabby skirt.

So, there you have it!

I did all for $9.97 ($4.00 for the bedskirt, $2.97 for three bottles of craft paint, and $4.00 for the curtain hooks).

And, here it is:  

As for my Bible verse, I found the frame at Michaels for $.50.  I played with fonts on my computer and typed out the verse that God uses to keep me on track.  It's so adorable, isnt it?  

So, there you have it!  Now, to keep the kiddies and kitties away from it : )