Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sweet Tea Conversion

"Ugh! Awwwww....blaaaah! This is awful!" My first experience tasting tap water in the south. It was a lovely day, and I decided I needed a glass of water. So, I took my pretty crystal glass out of the cupboard, placed some ice cubes in it, and opened that tap on the sink up. Pour, baby, pour. I put the refreshing glass to my lips........"Ugh! Awwwww......blaaaah! Spit.....

That's disgusting!" I cried aloud.

My children came running in wondering what all the commotion was. "Ma, what's the matter?," my son asked. "I just drank the water out of the tap and I think there is a sewer line crossed or something...I'd better call the sewer authorities," I said.

So, i looked up the telephone number and called. I was connected to a lovely lady, whose calm, southern drawl soothed my needy spirit. "Hi There! I'm calling because I just drew some water to drink from the tap at my sink and it smelled like rotten eggs and tasted even worse! Am I going to die? I think I've been poisoned!," I cried.

"Ma'am?  Youd from the north, aint you?" she asked. "Well, yes, yes I am, why?" I asked.

She kindly informed me, "Shuga, don't you know our watah will growd hair on your chest down here? That's why we'd drink Sweet Tea!"

And, thus; I have seen the light and been converted! Thank you to my Water Authority Angel.  Thank you!

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  1. Yea..I can finally COMMENT.

    THIS was sooo funny..but true!

    It cracks me up that everyone loves MY sweet tea..but I'm a transplanted Westerner...hee hee

    Guess after living here for just learn the "suthern way of life"...

    Ya'll are such a blessin tu have hare...


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