Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Get White Marks off Dark Wood

This REALLY works!  It so works!  I couldn't believe it, but my curiosity got me.  It all started when someone in my home (who shall remain nameless), ME, put a serving plate on the table.  I did not pay too much attention to the fact that the potholder was a bit damp.  Well, it left a white ghost mark on my dining table.  I about died!

Well, I had once heard that ash, yes...ash from your grill will get rid of the mark.  So, I marched out to the barbecue grill (got some nicely charred ash) and brought it in.  I shook the ash onto the spot and rubbed it in with a soft cloth.  Sure enough...the mark disappeared.  I topped it off with a little olive oil because olive oil is good for everything, ya'll! 

I am happy, the kids are happy, the whole world is now happy because my table is restored! 


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  1. and I am SOOO HAPPY...

    your lovely table..eeeks. I can imagine.. GRILLING is more important than ever!

    and oh my...OLIVE OIL...of course to the rescue in all things..even my homemade handscrubs!!

    Yea for you!!


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