Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rare Wood Stork visits me everyday!

I LOVE my new yard!  I can't say enough about what a lovely location it is.  We downsized and purchased a lovely cape-cod which sits lagoon side in our community.  It is very, very peaceful. As I am writing this, the windows are open and the Carolina breeze is wafting through my room.  The smell of cedar and a southern Fall abounds.  Where my computer desk sits, I have a view of the lagoon; and many times, I have a front row seat to nature.   I enjoy sitting and looking out my window.  Apparently, my two cats do to; and I usually have to toss them off the window sill so I can actually take a peak as well. 

Geena in her window 
Sometimes, I watch turtles; other times, deer, and alligators.  I enjoy the bluebirds, ibises, and wrens.  Then, this ugly bird comes through.  Everyday, at the same time!  My beautiful view gets....well....it turns not so beautiful.  At first glance, I see a very tall birds which marches across my lawn and heads toward the lagoon.  It is very graceful.  At first, from far away, you may think "wow, that is certainly a lovely bird...."....NOT!  It has a face only a mother could love.  A lovely body, like a flamingo; and then, ugliness. It looks like a supermodel with Jimmy Durante's face.  

 I looked up this walking contradiction and found it to be a Wood Stork.  Wood Storks were almost extinct a few years ago and are from Florida.  However, the bird that once only had 11 breeding pairs in South Carolina a few years ago are making a comeback.  I am honored to have it making this comeback in my yard.....who knew? 

So, welcome my large friend!  May you enjoy it here. 

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  1. Look at the legs on that thing! Oh excuse me...rare..and precious Wood Stork! I had to laugh at your Jimmy Durante..wonder if people nowadays even remember him..the NOSE.

    Kitty has the spot! And I too, love your peaceful location!!

    Enjoy the peaceful COOL days ahead.


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