Sunday, November 27, 2011

National Treasure Visits Our Cottage

It was an absolutely lovely lowcountry day.  Fall was displaying its colors, leaves were beginning to fall, the nights were getting just a bit more crisp, and the migratory birds were passing through.  My feeders were not being visited as much and I wondered why that was.  My chickadees, cardinals, bluebirds and finches were not around quite as much.  I had not filled my feeder in weeks because it wasn't being touched.  I checked the feeder to see if something was wrong....but, all was well.  As I walked around my yard, I noticed the squirrels were still around and boy were they busy!  The acorns were everywhere and the squirrels were quite busy getting their fill.  I chuckled as I thought of my Bible, where it tells of the Israelites with Moses.  They were out everyday gathering the manna that God provided them everyday.  I watched as God provided for these little members and I was amazed at their diligence.  They worked as it was in teams...each collecting their nuts and depositing them into a hole in a tree trunk. 

As I watched them stash their bounty, I thought of the bounty God had provided for my family.  My husband reminded me that he hated to interrupt my contemplations; but, I needed to get the bounty on the table.  So, I fired up my stove and he fired up the grill.

My daughter ran in the kitchen, "Mom, mom.....there is a Bald Eagle flying around in our yard!"  I replied, mmhmm....sure...."  "Really, may want to see this!"  "Barbara, don't make things up," I said.  Then, she looked me in the eyes, "Mom, I am telling you...there is a Bald Eagle in our backyard." 

So, I walked out onto the patio.  There, in full life, was a Bald Eagle watching us grill our dinner!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  He, or she, looked just as amused with watching my crazy family as we did it.  It landed in a tree, and ate a fish it had caught.  I ran for the camera, Barbara ran for the video camera...the cats ran to windows, and Stephen ran outside.  It's not everyday one of these treasures drops by to visit.

It was one of the first time our family had actually been silent all at once.  This bird commanded our attention.  It was as if a prominent visitor had arrived unexpectedly.  It flew around over the the lagoon a few times putting on an air show that would rival any military airshow.  Then, it landed.  It hopped to the edge of the lagoon and pulled out a 3 foot catfish with one swipe of its claw. 

"Quick!  We've got an instant homeschool lesson right in front of us!" I thought. 

I said to my children, "Isn't it awesome how God designed this eagle!".  My son remarked about the strength of his claws and talons.  My daughter remarked on his ability to fly with such speed and precision.  We talked about its eyesight, size, and how God guides it.  It was then we realized that God guides those who know him, just as he guides the eagle. 

Job 39:27 Doth the eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high?

God confirmed to us just how He commands everything in our lives and in the animal world.  He sent a guest to us that evening.  Our friend arrived the next day as well.  Then, it was gone.  We were happy that God chose us to witness this special treasure.  We were thankful we were aware of our gift. 

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