Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dat's A Boooootiful Chinnecker!

I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit for an evening out with my husband.  To date, I do not remember where we went, what it was for, or what the evening was about.  What God does bring to my recollection as clear as crystal is something my son said.  Thank the Lord I stopped to listen to what he had to say.  It still brings a smile to my face years later. 

Steve was about 2 years old and a major chatterbox.  Today, he is a grown up guy, and still quite the chatterbox.  He always had a crazy way of expressing himself...and I always knew what he was talking about.

Well, he came into my room and was standing beside me as I was putting on my perfume.  His brown eyes were watching me quite intently.  I could tell he had a question and was wondering as to why those wheels in his little head were spinning.

"Mom?" he asked. 

"Yes, Stephen?"

"Mom, dat's a.....dat's a....."  as he was motioning a line around the base of his neck......

'What Stephen?  What's a....?." I asked.

He was looking so perplexed but kept motioning around his neck like he was drawing something.

"Dat's a, ....dat's a....."  He still wasn't finding the word in his little mental vocabulary. 

Then, the lights went on!  His eyes grew large and his pointer finger went up for the big statement.  The moment arrived.....

"Dat's a booooooootiful chinnecker!"  He said with a big smile.

I started to laugh inside....and it was bubbling over to the outside.

"Yes, it is a booooootiful chinnecker!"  I exclaimed. 

I never quite looked at my necklace the same.


To this day, when we see a lovely necklace, Steve will say..."Mom....that's a booooootiful chinnecker!"

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