Friday, January 27, 2012

The Lesson of the Giraffe:

While at the Jacksonville, Fl zoo, I had the opportunity to capture a photo of this giraffe.  No matter what type of moods folks were in at the moment...they became merry when watching this creature.  Isn't it interesting how God knows exactly what we need and when?  God will even use the beasts of the field to speak to our hearts.


  1. Yep..that is why I always enjoy animals...

    especially fat Ziggy!! LOL

    I love otters off the California coast..we called them sea puppies when I was little.. the zoo/aquarium...the penguins..

  2. Animals are such a joy...i always wonder what God was thinking when he designed each one....and he got the job of naming them all! Can you imagine this giraffe walking up to him and giving him the raspberry? Anyway, i was so happy to get this shot with my new camera : )

  3. I enjoy giraffes, too, when visiting the zoo. What an incredible thing to see the 1611 KJV Bible! Thanks for sharing the experience.


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