Thursday, January 5, 2012

My attempt at Gluten Free (well, sorta)

I have suspected for quite some time that I may have an issue with gluten.

Why, you may be asking?

All types of signs my body has been displaying (and has been quite along). But, as an italian girl, that is not exactly something I want to pay attention too. I mean, like, really? No bread, no pasta, whaddaboutit?

And, may I mention my last blood panel has been issuing that little nugget as well....

Moving on....

I havent eaten gluten in 3 days. I must say, I do feel alot better already. I've been getting by with jasmine and basmati rice. I eat it just as I would pasta and so far, I am content.

Then today, I wanted Chicken Piccata! Oh yeh, baby! I wanted the real stuff. But, not with rice. And, how would I flour my chicken filets? Oh, the pain.....

Ding! Idea!

I'll create Gluten Free dusting flour! Instead of breadcrumbs, I will make my own.

I remembered seeing gluten free flour by "that Bob Guy"...and thought I would check it out.

I purchased Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix (Gluten Free). I added pepper, garlic salt, chopped parsley, and some grated parmesan cheese to it. I threw it in a gallon ziplock and shook my chicken in it. Aaaah! It was coming together.

I gently sauteed my cutlets in olive oil and butter till a nice golden brown colored emerged. I then transferred them to a 13x9 pan and doused them with chicken broth, white wine, lemon juice, 3 pats of butter, and some grated cheese. I baked them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I boiled my SamMills 100% Corn spaghetti and cut it a minute short so it wouldnt pass al dente. I microwaved my cauliflower, carrot and broccoli mix. (I picked out my broccoli because Aubrey said to).

I served it up this way: pasta first, chicken on top, veggies on the side, and sauce all over.

Voila! Very yummy!

See for yourself (remember to activate the scratch n sniff button on your screen...heehee)

I'll keep posting about My Gluten Free Adventure!


  1. HEE HEE..I tried the scratch and sniff..mmm? must not be working right now...but ooooh I can IMAGINE... I ADORE CHICKEN PICCATA!! and how dare you make this without ME there too test TASTE it..forget the scratchy smelling thingy!!

    and in the oven!!! I make it in the skillet and this is waaay better for you...

    Aren't you the...mmm..let's see GIANNA is that her name of Rose Hill Cottage!!!

    I'll take your autograph across the top of that YUMMY apple cake you powedered sugar PLEEZE!

    Good for you Gluten Gal...Aub would be very proud of you as she can put you on her list trials.

    At least we know now we don't have to give up EVERYTHING!

    God bless..

  2. OOOOOPSEY! I will have to make you the real thing! im now in my "experimentation" phase.....: )


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