Monday, January 16, 2012

My New Coffee Nook

Well...i'm in the new cottage home and slowly turning it into our special home. I especially loved this home because of the size of the kitchen.

This kitchen is enormous in size to the scale of the house. My cottage appears to be a "capecod" from its appearance, but once inside it is truly special. It is appx. 2000 square feet on one floor. Oh, the things I could achieve if I ever expand into the attic....hmmmmm.....

But, for now, I have been busy painting, installing this and that, changing things, etc.

Back to the kitchen...I made a little coffee nook and have it located precisely next to my desk and workstation. I can roll my chair right over and get to pouring.

The challenge is that I love everything from shabby chic, to country french, to suburban country, and collect everything from Chintz China to Longaberger to Crystal. I love everything pretty and functional. I'm not one to put things away and bring them out again....if I have it, I want to use it.

So, my challenge was to incorporate my Longaberger and my crystal into my kitchen. Here is the end product of my coffee nook:

I have placed my Fantasia Dessert Plates, in my Longaberger Server with Longaberger Mugs in Paprika. I placed my shabby "chicesque" FAITH ornament on the top. Now, I'll be reminded of my faith every morning. My coffee, biscotti, stevia, sugar, are all contained in my 1991 Yuletide Basket. Everything is handy and in its place. Now, I hope the hubby realizes this.

I hope this may inspire you and get your creative juices flowing, too.


  1. You are so clever...and I love it!

    Creative juices..oooh dear are you in trouble now! You better get me to the thrift store fast!

    Painting??? You didn't tell!

    If you I did switch out some things...and found my RED tea kettle finally.

    The creative juices..are filling my cup daily!

    Can't wait to share a cuppa...

    1. Hope,

      If you notice, I was picking up ideas from your house and when I came home I began changing stuff around : ) Anytime you want to come have a cup of joe, you are most welcome. Also, my photos are from my NEW camera...hoooooray!

  2. Grace, Looks like you are all set for a great morning. Will go good with that mini omelette!

    1. Dear SavannahGranny,

      I did not even think of that...yes, the would go well together! Plus, the eggs will energize my brain to do even more creative things today : )

  3. Dearest Grace,

    Very well done and you will certainly enjoy the daily use of it!
    Have a great day and love to you,


  4. Dear Mariette,

    Thank you so much! It is getting used as we speak! The funny thing is, my husband has not touched one of the mugs yet (he keeps going to the cupboard).

    Have a blessed day!



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