Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Springtime In Charleston, South Carolina

Well, here we are in January in The Lowcountry. Winter is pretty mild here as compared to the Great Lakes region I grew up in. In fact, it was 68 degrees here today. A beautiful day. But, the flowers are sparse and the leaves trees are bare temporarily. The birds were singing today....that sweet familiar song that Spring is in the air. Of course, in NY you wouldnt hear that tune until April/May...but, down here I guess they start in January. Who knew?

As the birds were singing of springtime, I was reviewing pictures that I took a few springs ago In Charleston. How I love Charleston. I enjoy everything about it. It is a city untouched by time. The shots I am sharing with you were taken during an afternoon stroll. I so enjoy visiting churches and their historic cemeteries. Believe it or not, I search out tombstones that have King James Bible verses etched upon them. I receive such a blessing from these pilgrims who went before me and are in heaven. I feel like I know them as a brother or sister in Christ, because they left a precious verse on their stone. What a generation of people they must have been.

As I walk down the historic streets of Charleston, I enjoy viewing the various window boxes all in array with their flowers. How creative Charlestonians are. I love when they add their beloved pineapple into their decorating schemes. After all, the pineapple is THE symbol of Charleston hospitality.

And, the gates! How ornate they are. You can peek directly into their private courtyards and get a feast for the eyes. My son and I have two favorite gates. We call one "The Narrow Gate" and the other "The Broad Gate to Destruction".

So, I hope you enjoy my photos. I'll be heading back up there soon. One can never get enough of Charleston. Until then, meet me at the pineapple......


  1. Oh I want to go!! I haven't strolled Charleston isn quite some time.Love the pineapple fountain...so unique!

    I'll have to post my pics and MY gate! Yep, me too!

    Have a lovely day thinking of SPRING...but enjoy the light rain of the day with a cuppa.

  2. Whenever you want to head up for the day, Im ready! Maybe we can have tea somewhere and get a little shopping in as well. I'll watch the weather reports and get us going on a warmer day...plus we can take in all the Camellia's because they should be blooming : )

  3. Geez louise..I go away for a couple days and you write a book! haha ;) I love charleston too. One year for our anniversary michael and I stayed at that giant round hotel over the river...sorry can't think of the name...we took a carriage tour and I took tons of photos of the gates and houses. Love the headstone photo...I thought I was the only weird gal that loved to read old headstones. ;)

    1. I know! My creative writing juices are flowing...maybe its my new healthy diet....glad to see you are a headstone nut like me...i could read them for hours..i specifically search out the Bible verses...make sure you take some pics of the ones you find across the pond and translate them (what a project)...


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