Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello friends!

I am so sorry I have been away for a bit.  The flu thingy went through our entire family; and, of course, I got the worst of it.  After much medication, I seem to be moving on and feeling like myself again.  The sinus and ear infections have gone and the vertigo has let up.  As for updates, everything is moving along.  I signed on to be a consultant for Thirty One Gifts and am thrilled about it.  I decided that if I wanted to meet new ladies (since I've only been here one year), I need to venture out and find them.  So, ThirtyOne has given me that opportunity to get out there.  I am so excited about it!

Spring has sprung in the lowcountry.  My azaleas are blooming and my car is covered with yellow/green pollen.  Two little bluebirds are making a nest in my tree as we speak. And, of course, the alligators are up.  So, since the animals are sending all the signals that spring is here, I ventured to Lowe's and bought some pretty flowers.  One of which is Jasmine!  It smells divine.

The photo is of my daughter wearing her "tacky hat."  Every year, on Hilton Head Island, the Tacky Marsh Races are held on Hilton Head beach.  It is a hundred plus year old tradition of racing the Marsh Tacky Horses along the beach at the first of spring.  All southern ladies wear their Tacky Hats to the race; and my daughter made this hat last year at Honey Horn.

And, with spring in the lowcountry, comes tornadoes.  We are under a watch as I write this.  Hopefully, I wont get up close and personal and the thing will just stay up in the sky where it belongs.

Have a wonderful day!