Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greening of the Fountain in Savannah!

Well, you know Spring had SPRUNG in Savannah, not the flowers.....the "Greening of the Fountain" in Forsythe Park!  Yes, Savannah, GA is home to the second largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the entire United States (second only to New York City of course).  And, they start out the festivities by turning the beautiful waters of the fountain in historic Forsythe Park a lovely shade of shamrock green.

The local whose who all take turns pouring the "magic" green liquid into the fountain and then.....voila!  The fountain shoots green water for at least the next week.  Following are some pictures I was able to take during the festivities.  I enjoyed seeing all the doggies dressed for the occasion.  Too cute!


  1. Ha..we should have taken GUS...what a kick..or the kitties..imagine your GLAMOUR girls looking like that..noooo. maybe a green tutu!!

    Pretty photos!!

  2. God know I don't miss the heat there...but I do love those Azalea bushes!


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