Friday, March 2, 2012

Scratch or Not?

This photo is so fitting!

I LOOOOOOOVE to bake.  Well, sorta.  I love to cheat bake.

I remember having this conversation with my grandma, many years ago.  I was joking with her as she was making one of her famous lemon meringue pies.  She would make her own pie crust, complete with lard and ice cubes.  No measurements.....everything was hand measured.  I learned to measure the amount of ingredients I needed by using the palm of my hand as she poured in the proper amount. It was all by feel and sight.  She would make her own filling.  She would top it with mounds of meringue.  And, it tasted heavenly.

At the time, the doughboy had introduced his rolled up, ready to bake, pie crusts.  I remember asking Grandma, "why don't you use that?"

"Never!" she replied.

"But Grandma, really?  The crust is that important?"

"You can cheat at some things, but baking is not one of them."

And, her pies were so heavenly, I believe her.  But, life has happened.  With all my time saving devices,  I just do not have all day to bake a pie.

So, what is the deciding factor if something is from scratch or not?

What if you use the little doughboy's "aid" and fill it with scratch filling?  Or, what if you use store bought flour?  Or is the store bought flour cheating, and you really should harvest your own wheat?  Should I be growing my own lemons?  Raising my own chickens for the eggs?

What if you use a cake mix, and add to it?  What if you bake a "not from the box" cake, and cheat with the frosting?

I'm confused.  The doughboy is so cute.......would he lie to me?

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