Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Rose Hill Cottage Birdfeeder

I love my bird feeders.  I love my feathered friends who come to visit me each day.  Each one has its own personality and traits.  Much like people, I suppose.   I tend to name my feathered visitors as they come and visit.  Some blast through, eat and run.  Others take their sweet time and mingle.  Some are more sociable than others and as always, you need to be wary of the "quiet" ones.  I enjoy sitting in my chair and taking photos of my friends while they stop by.  Flick, the Hummingbird, is the hardest to capture on film.  He and his wife, Jewelia, tend to come by when you least expect it.  They stay for the summer and then, they leave for a winter in Mexico.

 Jethro, my Wood Stork, likes to come by twice a day.

 He is quiet and is most happy when fishing. Jethro is very, very patient and very set in his ways.  He enters the lagoon the same way each day....nothing wavering.  He looks like an old war veteran who has alot of stories to tell.

  General, my cardinal, and his wife, Leah, visit most frequently.  They are my old, married couple.  Leah tends to follow General around and appears to be the very devoted wife.  General finds his seed and always takes the time to feed Leah and make sure she is taken care of.

  On to Sunshine, my bluebird. Sunshine is somewhat timid and unaware of his beauty.  He never stays long enough for me to take his picture...he eats and leaves. But, he is always bubbly and even if he is having a bad day, I would never know it.  

And then, there is Gary the Cooper's Hawk.  Gary comes through and when he is near, all else ceases.  He is quite the handsome fellow and tends to spend his time watching and observing the rest of us.  Gary is very gracious and bares with my folly of picture taking...he will actually wait for me to take his picture.

I learn quite a bit from my feathered friends.  The devotion that General and Leah have to eachother.  Jethro who never gives up.  Flick and his wife who are diligent and quite adventurous.  Sunshine the encourager.  And Gary, the handsome observer.

And all this goes on at the same feeder!  They all have their place and they are happy in that place.  There is no rebellion, no discontentedness, and meanness.  Flick doesn't whine about how far he has to travel each year, and Jethro isnt seeking out a plastic surgeon because he is.....well, he is......not very cute.  Leah doesn't cry that she is somewhat nondescript and Gary doesn't flaunt his stuff.  They do what God purposed in their hearts to do.  I do believe they are in perfect harmony with God the Creator.  No wonder I prefer the solitude in my little haven of rest.


  1. Lovely fotos and blogs, greeting from Belgium,

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