Keep it Together - Homeschool Organization Binder

Life is busy. Life is busier with homeschooling as part of it! I would say, I am busier now as I homeschool two children, than I was when I was a public official.

Many ladies I interact with ask me the same question, "How do you stay so organized?" My answer is always, prioritize and organize.

If an event is not necessary, I dont participate or obligate my family. I have a set schedule we follow for school. I write out my lesson plans every Sunday afternoon and adjust accordingly. And, I always make room for downtime.

I keep a large (3") 3 ring binder for each of my children. I keep it annually. The first section is where my weekly lesson plans appear. They are followed by my weekly assignment sheets that I complete and give to my children so they know what is expected of them. I then keep this and file it back into my binder as documentation of what was completed.

I then keep a High School Course of Study Plan where I document the classes we are completing. Here I have Course Summaries with listings of curriculum used. (I copy the summaries of the books or Scope and Sequence).

Next follows a Field Trip Log, List of Books Read, Lists of Volunteer Service, Lists of Special Awards and Commendations, and Copies of all extracurricular receipts from sports teams. etc. I also file team schedules, etc. In the case of my son, I keep letters and reviews from his baseball coaches.

The next session is Grading. I keep a separate grade log sheet for each course of study. Here I list all quizzes, unit tests, exams, and project according to the class. I also file any year end testing scores such as from the IOWAS, PSAT, etc.

I keep a Where and How List that I made just in the event my husband needs to fill in. I cant imagine how he would know where everything was and what was expected. So, it lists where everything is kept and what needs to be done in case I am hospitalized, God forbid.

Finally, I keep a miscellaneous area where I follow immunization records, letters from the school district, etc.

Let me mention, in the front pocket I keep paper reinforcements, grading markers, highlighters, and membership information to museums, HSLDA, co-ops, etc. And, I cannot forget the stickers - my children still want stickers on their paper for good work : ) Some things never change.

This enables me to keep everything handy and in one place. The binder acts as a Command Center for each child and doubles as a portfolio as they enter the college preparatory years.

Most forms I found online at sites such as and If I could not find what I needed online, I would create it myself.

I hope this helps you in your homeschool years.